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We are your reliable local source for accurate, quality 3D printed parts. 

We offer the highest quality American made materials from the brands you trust like Formlabs, Taulman, & 3DXTECH.  We customize our service to suit your project's needs, provides fast quotes, and turnaround times. Not sure about what materials to choose? Contact us to discuss your application and we'll help you out! 

“Lehr Labs was great to work with, the only company that was able to print my part at an affordable price. From day 1, they were helpful with changes they recommended that I made to the model in order to make it easier to print and for it to come out in the best possible shape. Lehr Labs provided an over the top experience that helped this part of the project to be better than expected. We will definitely look to do business with them again for future projects and parts!”
- Lane Axe, Mechanical Engineer 
Partner with LEHR LABS to advance your project to the next level! Look more at our customer success stories for more information in the link below or request a quote today!
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