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2022 SAE Formula Senior Project

Lane Axe, mechanical engineering alumn from York College of Pennsylvania, chose Lehr Labs to prototype their 2022 SAE Formula race car intake plenum. We printed the intake plenum in two halves in order to have access to post process the inside as well as the outside surfaces. This intricate part required Grey V4 resin and extra post processing to achieve the desired surface finish for electroplating the final part. 

“Lehr Labs was great to work with, the only company that was able to print my part at an affordable price. They worked with me on an intake plenum for our 2022 SAE Formula senior project that was printed out of Grey V4 resin. From day 1, they were helpful with changes they recommended that I made to the model in order to make it easier to print and for it to come out in the best possible shape. They met the requirements for the electroplating process afterwards, and even the electroplating vendor was impressed at the quality of the print, the bonding process, and the finish that was applied to the piece. Lehr Labs provided an over the top experience that helped this part of the project to be better than expected. We will definitely look to do business with them again for future projects and parts!” - Lane Axe


Lehr Labs successfully printed the 2022 SAE Formula race car plenum. Lehr Labs works hard to deliver high quality parts, on time, at a competitive rate. We work closely with clients to ensure customer satisfaction for their unique specifications and custom designed parts. Lehr Labs would be happy to print your next project; request a quote now. 

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